Hi there! I’m a Ph.D. student in the Stats departament at Iowa State University being adviced by Dr. Jarad Niemi. My general interests are everything science, for example during my downtime I like reading about physical science: the universe is awe-inspiring, and mechanics and chemistry are just too cool. My statistical interests include time series, state-space models, spatio-temporal models, computer experiments, Gaussian Processes, and more broadly all things Bayesian. I tend to focus on modeling methodology, uncertainty quantification, and computational methods. Besides being a Research Assistant, I’m highly involved in the Gaussian Process reading group at ISU and have a few stats-y side projects such as BayesHMM.


Here are a few details to make more sense out of my background if it sounds a bit non-traditional to you. I got a B.B.A. and landed a job in finance right away as a structurer of ABS (you might have learned that term during the last financial crisis, I’m sorry). I used to model future cashflows, default rates, and prepayment rates of credit portfolios among other duties; if you are not a finance person, I created debt and equity pieces traded by banks and other investors in the market. One year after, I started a M.Sc. in Finance part-time while keeping my full-time job. Once done with all the coursework, I simply realized I did not enjoy it much and so I challenged myself with something more quantitative: a M.Sc. in Applied Statistics along with a couple additional PhD-level courses. In the meantime, I changed business within the same company and got promoted to head of Asset Management where I led a small team of analysts and managed ~USD 20M in publicly traded mutual funds. Then the opportunity knocked. I took up the challenge of going in-depth into this, took a plane to the Midwest and here I am, having so much fun doing Stats.